Video -Abuyadaya in Uganda- Rabbi Riskin / Mikveh building

The Abuyadaya  of Uganda and the building of the mikveh for conversion 2012-2013

The Abuyadaya  of Uganda accepted Judaism in 1919 when their king realized that Christians were not living as the bible instructed and decided that they would be Jewish. For 90 years they have practiced Judaism and even were persecuted and killed by Idi Amin for being Jews.

Ari and I went there  for the first time in 2011. Subsequently, we took Rabbi Riskin , who brought Moshe and Tarphon to learn for the year in yeshiva in Israel. They converted and returned as teachers. We are now building a mikveh, in the fields that will ultimately be used for conversion, should the bet din accept them.

click the link below for the video

The Putti -Abuyadaya in Uganda- Rabbi Riskin and Moshe


Building the mikveh in Putti




Mikveh 1
Mikveh 7 Mikveh 3
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