4. Halachic Archeology

Halachic Archeology

Halachic archeology is the utilization for halacha and Jewish sources to explain archeological finds that have been misinterpreted. The halachcic archeology actually is the synthesis and proof of validity of ancient Jewish texts. Often this is critical for understanding the specifics of halacha that has not been used, in some cases for centuries. Issues like what is a chatzer, a kezayit, tekhelet, are examples of topics that halachic archeology can shed light.

Inside of the double gate- Shaari Hulda- שערי חולדה


The Jewish Calendar and a halachic sundial from Qumran

The replication and testing of the sundial in Qumran

Jewish history through coins

going up on  har habayit-מאירי  click

going up on har habayit-מאירי click

Jewish symbols on coins – click on coin

Jewish symbols on coins

The underground stones of the Temple mount from the bet Hamikdash

The Double gat and Solomon’s stables today and 19th century in pictures


VideoThe Meaning Of Tekhelet – Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Weinreb – OU Exec VP emeritus

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