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Jewish Revival in Resistencia, Argentina

Jewish Revival in Resistencia, Argentina A Jewish Revival in Resistencia, Argentina is happening and Returnees to Torah observance are no longer a rarity in today’s world, and every Jewish community is blessed by their presence. But for one small secular … Continue reading

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The Korban Pesach Of the Shomronim -Samaritans – Mishpacha magazine 2013

2013 shomroni Samaritan Korban PesachMishpacha

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Namibia Schita

helicopter used to drive game into the blind   Blind into which the game is herded     Watching the game being driven into blind subduing  the Oryx     Gifts for Ethan and the  local kashrut stamp   Giraffe … Continue reading

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Eating turkey on thanksgiving

eating turkey on thanksgiving

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OU giraffe letter

giraffe letter

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The History of the Corfu Etrog


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Video on The signs of Kashrut of animals, fish and locusts

This is part of a video, narrated and  edited in conjunction with Dr. Greenspan CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

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מסורת הפסיון מלונדון ומקורות

London beth din kashrut guide 2002 Rav Berstien cover 1926 London רשימת עופות עם מסורת של רב ברשטיין – לונדון 1926 London Jewish Chronicle 1876 – kosher add Letter from Rav Dahan about Mesoret of Rav Shimon Cutler  and pheasants … Continue reading

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הרב אטיאס

מכתב הרב אטיאס על מסורת חגלה הרב אטיאס מצביע על חגלה עם מסורת

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