Abayudaya Jewish community of Uganda

Abayudaya Jewish community of Uganda

The Abayudaya Jewish community of Uganda was started by Semei Kankangulu when he accepted Judaism upon himself in1919. Through the decades their fortunes have waned and waxed but they are currently experiencing growth and acceptance. Both the dynamic

stamp of Abayudaya Jewish community of Uganda

Early Seal Of The Jewish Community

Rabbi Gershon Sizumu, a dynamic conservative rabbi and the orthodox group in Putti have caused growth to the community and international awareness.

This page and it’s links are the official archive of documents that exist. They are from the collection of Aryeh Oded, the first ambassador

of the state of Israel to Uganda and the primary contact to the Abayudaya Jewish community of Uganda since the 1960’s. He met with many of the early leaders and both taught them about Judaism and encouraged them to continue their quest to find and be accepted by the Jewish world.

Unique Archive

This unique collection of letters and other historical objects, traces the early history of the Abayudaya .

We are always looking to add documents to this archive. Any pictures or documents that can help us in the this task would be appreciated. We can be reached at

Ari Zivotofsky –  zivotoa@mail.biu.ac.il

Ari Greenspan- ari@greenspandental.com


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