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Exotic Kosher Dinner – Jerusalem Post

Exotic Kosher Dinner for a PDF of this with pictures click here I n the Jerusalem Talmud’s tractate Ta’anit, Rabbi Hananya son of Rabbi Abahu said that there were 700 species of kosher fish and 800 species of kosher grasshoppers … Continue reading

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דור רביעי Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Glasner תשובה על תרנגולות משונות

Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Glasner (1856–1924), a Hungarian Talmudic scholar and communal leader, served as chief rabbi of Klausenburg (Kolozsvár in Humgarian, Cluj in Romanian) from 1877 to 1923. In 1923 he left Klausenburg for Jerusalem where he resided until his death in 1924. He is best known as the author of Dor … Continue reading

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מסורת הפסיון מלונדון ומקורות

London beth din kashrut guide 2002 Rav Berstien cover 1926 London רשימת עופות עם מסורת של רב ברשטיין – לונדון 1926 London Jewish Chronicle 1876 – kosher add Letter from Rav Dahan about Mesoret of Rav Shimon Cutler  and pheasants … Continue reading

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הרב אטיאס

מכתב הרב אטיאס על מסורת חגלה הרב אטיאס מצביע על חגלה עם מסורת

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