Ethiopia and Tigre Province


As part of a trip to Uganda and the Abuyadaya, South Africa and Namibia, we stopped in Ethiopia. Here are some of our pictures.



Entrance to the old synagogue in Tigre provence.



Wall of the compound that has the synagogue.

DSCN0861On the way we saw farmers working like in the days of old


DSCN0846DSCN0849 DSCN0855

לא תחסום שור בדישו

The Torah says one should not work an animal an muzzle him . Here we see the farmers doing exactly that, so the animals can’t eat.

We found a number of Ethiopian Jewish cemeteries from before their aliyah. What was interesting was that their family members come back to the graves. We saw many memorial candles brought from Israel.

DSCN0892 DSCN0893 DSCN0901

We climbed this mountain in the Jewish village of  Bet Mariah. On the mountain top was  a altar, or prayer place that they would pray from every Shabbat.


In Ethiopia, we shechted 150 chickens and 3 goats for  a number of the Jews there. We did it in the original Jewish slaughterhouse behind the shul in Addis Ababa.




We set up a factory to clean and then salt the meat and birds.


DSCN0959 DSCN0935

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