African Itinerary 2013 January

depart wed jan 24 for ethiopia

thursday 25 fly to Axum Ethiopia where the aron  kodesh supposedly rests in a church. find the old Jewish settlements in Tigre province

shabbat 27 adis ababa with the adenite jews

sunday fly to entebbe. visit the site of the rescue. 6 hour drive to Mbale

monday 28 tuesday 29 bet din sits for giyur and visit other villages and synagogues. mikveh/hatafat dam brit  and weddings and seudat mitzvah

wednesday fly to adis

thursday31 jan fly to Jo-burg. shabat as scolar in residence.

sunday 1 feb giraffe schita

mon 2 feb Capetown/old shuls/schita?

tuesday/ wednesday 3/4 Zimbabwe to meet Lemba

Thursday 5 fly home

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