The Mesorah Dinner 2010 IN JERUSALEM

סעודת מסורת

When We Say Rare We Mean It!


Waiter, there are locusts on my plate-  The Jerusalem dinner 2010 -Jerusalem Post article 2010

Times of London-Dinner-2010

1981 Rav Kaback observing shehcting of Pheasant פסיון and passing us the mesora

1981 Rav Kapach observing shehcting of Pheasant פסיון and passing us the mesora

שחיטת חגלה  _perdix עם הרב מחפוד

שחיטת חגלה _perdix עם הרב מחפוד

Rav Shecter meeting with a Rav who has the mesorah on Guinea Hens

Rav Shecter meeting with a Rav who has the mesorah on Guinea Hens

We are  planning another dinner on thursday 22 July

אנחנו מארגנים סעודת מסורת חדשה בי”א אב 22 ליולי

כמו בסעודות הקודמות בירושלים, ניו יורק ולוס אנג’לס יהיו כ15 מנות של בשר, עוף ,דגים, וחגבים. כל מנה יהיה מלווה עם שיעור קצר ותמונות המשקפות קשר המנה להלכה והיסטוריה.כל המשתתפים יקבלו ספר מקורות גדוש מאמרים

Like in the previous dinners held in Jerusalem and then in NY and LA with the OU, We will be serving bout 15 courses including birds, fish, meat and locusts with short shiurim between courses describing the halacha and halachic history of each item. Each participant will receive a serious large printed source book of all tshuvot and issues on the topics

תפריט הסעודה בירושלים

רשימה מפורטת של בעלי החיים ומסורות הקיימות

תיאור מדעי- מה זה סעודת מסורת פרופסור זוהר עמר

תפריט לסעודה בירושלים ב 2002

להבין מה זה מסורת עופות תלך פה

Here is a list of some of the different food items and their halachic significance

The OU mesora yom iyun

To understand what a bird mesorah is click here


הכנות לסעודה- דגים

הכנות לסעודה-איילים

הכנות לסעודת מסורת – ייצור בירה 3 המינים

הכנות לסעודת מסורת – עופות

See What People Had To Say

About Our Halachic Dinners  in

Jerusalem,LA and NY

Stuart Shaffren, a New York dentist, said he canceled a day’s worth of patients to go to the conference.

Even if he had skipped the dinner, he said, “the lectures alone were far worth it.”

אחר מחשבה רבה אני חייב לציין כי מעשה חידוש המסורת ברגע האחרון מהווה אחד התיקונים הגדולים של הדור האחרון , לולי הפרויקט שלקחתם על עצמכם הדבר היה משתכח.”דוב שפירא ראש המועצה הדתית שומרון

“It was a unique life experience,” Rabbi Flaum, Congregation Knesseth Israel of Far Rockaway, N.Y.

“The whole point of this event is to keep the mesorah alive,” Rabbi Menachem Genack, head of the kosher division at the O.U.

Somewhere between the sparrow, wild turkey and dove minestrone soup and the spice-encrusted elk (not to mention the sauvignon blanc), I found myself appreciating, what this evening was about.

Yes, it was about the food, but more than that, it was about dissecting, celebrating and preserving the minutiae of Jewish law that guides everyday life for observant Jews—the niche avocation of “the two Aris.” Julie Gruenbaum Fax  editor for The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles.

“This was my one chance, perhaps, to experience all the diversity God put on this Earth, I knew if I didn’t come, I would not forgive myself.”  Irvine Rabbi Dov Fischer

“The 3 1/2 -hour event, which mixed lectures with fine dining, had a celebratory feel. Many courses were greeted with sporadic applause or laughter while servers positioned exquisitely arranged plates of food in front of diners.” LA Times

“Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in your historic
meal, which was one of the highlights of my journalistic career”

Gil Hoffman Political Correspondent   -The Jerusalem Post

“Zivotofsky is a neuroscience professor and Greenspan a dentist, but both are trained in ritual slaughter. They have spent years interviewing elderly rabbis and schochtim from small villages across the globe to find out if they remembered slaughtering a particular bird. The partridge was finally allowed for Sunday’s meal after testimony by Iranian, Yemenite and German rabbis.” LA Times

We’re that last link, What we decided to do was try to find these old men before they died. Ari Greenspan

Regarding ari and ari the organizers of the concept : “I think of them as the Jewish Indiana Jones,”Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, director of synagogue services at the West Coast Orthodox Union

“thank you, Dr. Ari ,for an unforgettable meal and a memorable evening with so many wonderful people from varying backgrounds. The dinner itself was novel and incredibly delicious, the atmosphere modest and congenial and  the fact that we were all sitting just a few minutes away from the kotel made the whole thing seem like a meal from Gan Eden.” Yehudit Channen

I am sure you hear what I am about to write, over and over again, however for me and probably most of those who attended the Mesora Dinner at Shallots, it was an unforgettable experience.  This was an event where each of us could feel that we have the great z’cus to be part of a group who are participating in a living tradition that is not available universally.  May you and your colleague continue to receive koach for your efforts.  May you feel great satisfaction in providing the knowledge and familiarity with extraordinary animals to all of us who benefit from your research.  All the best, Shalva Meyers ,Assistant to Av Beth Din and to the Kashrus Administrator-Chicago Rabbinical Council

Space is very tight so if you are interested please put your name on the list early. You can email me at


For more info on what it is about look here The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

SEE THE MENU- of the dinner heled in NYC in 2004!


The Hebrew Menu Jerusalem 2010 תפריט ירושלים

Jerusalem 2010 dinner decscription – NJ Jewish News

With locusts and deer, Jerusalem dinner shakes up the kosher kitchen AP article

סעודת המסורת – מקור ראשון 2010

Mesorah Mavens -Washington Jewish News 2010

נושאים של יום עיון בניו יורק של ה ou

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